Die Schwestern beim Gebet
Sisters of Charity of St. Charles Borromeo
Known as Sorores Misericordiæ S. Caroli Borromei (SMCB), our order was founded to help those in need in Nancy (France) in 1652. Saint Charles Borromeo was selected as the Patron of our order, functioning as role model for action and life in general. Several congregations emanated from this basic community over the years. Since 1974, we have been organized as an own congregation with round about 1800 sisters at all and commonly called Sisters of Borromeo.
Order formation
At the end of the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648), Josef Chauvenel dedicated himself to the relief of the poor and those in need. He even helped those infected with plague, although such a commitment could at that time be understood as a death sentence. Just turned 31 he subsequently died of plague. His father Emmanuel continued the charitable work of his son and established the so-called House of "Charité" as a special contact point for aid and later community. With this story in our hearts, we are geared our work to this commitment and try to help children and those who suffer. We are a canonical organisation within the roman catholic church.
Sr. Daniela with child
Our congregation
Overall, there are seven different generelates within our order. The first center apart from Nancy was built in 1841. The sisters of Prague became the second congregation within the Borromeo-family. They originated the later established community of Treibnitz / Trzebnica (today: Poland). Due to WWII and the following occupation by the Soviet Union, all sisters of German descent had to leave the Lower Silesian convent and found a new home in a former Benedictian monastey nearby Schmallenberg, in the North-Western part of Germany. Since 1951 a new mother house is placed in the small town Grafschaft, too. There we also have a well-accepted hospital.
Around the world
Since 1992 our congregation has another subsidiary in Romania. In addition, we are present in the Orient: Sisters administrate two schools in Egypt, in Alexandria and Cairo. Moreover, there is a small polyclinic in Emmaus-Qubeibe. Our house in Jerusalem finally concentrates on education as well.
Our mission in the Holy Land
From the beginning in the 19th century, the German Hospice - also known as St. Charles Convent - had the local people in the focus of all work and efforts. Therefore, one of the most important aspects of today's work is to offer a home for pilgrims and other guests. As a reference to Jesus' message of charity and love, we also want to participate in societal work. That is the reason why we put so much effort in supporting children on our spot.
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