Statue of Borromeo
Our Patron St. Charles
One decade after the foundation of the congregation in 1652, Emanuel Chauvenel preparated one of his houses in Nancy for the poor and those in need. A statue of Charles Borromeo (1538-1584), who died one century before, guarded the entrance of that building. Hence, the sisters who worked at that place became generally known as the Sisters of Borromeo. And the saint really seems to be a good eponym in order to represent the special charitable apostolical mission of the whole order.
Initiative for better education
Charles Borromeo played an important role in the Tridentinum. During the Council of Trent, the cardinal, who was born near the Laggo Maggiore, intensively stood up for basic education to all men growing up in humble circumstances. He founded the residential school Collegio Borromeo in Pavia. Consequently, he is known as the patron saint for pastors and future priests until today . Many seminaries bear his name all over the world.
Portrait Charles Borromeo
Care for the victims of plague
While the plague raged in Northern Italy (1576-1578), Charles Borromeo was taking care of the diseased people and was trying to organise help. His dedicated charitable work was so energy-sapping that the died in the age of 46 as Archbishop of the Milan Diocese. Due to his noble commitment to those who suffer, Saint Charles has often been asked for help during epidemics. The Vienneses even named their famous Karl's Church after him, after they survived the plague at the beginning of the 18th century.
The life and work of our patron saint is our encouragement and motivation for a life in love and devotion with all mankind, especially with those who suffer and need help!
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