Kindergarten German Hospice
Carrying on a long tradition of social commitment
For more than one hundred years, we have vowed to carry on the tradition of service and care in the Holy Land built on our apostolic way of life: Focused on girls and young women in a male-dominated society, we support and train them in various ways.
Teaching activity since 19th century
In the late 19th century, the first German catholic educational centre was founded close to the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem, which later on developed to today's Schmidt's Girls College (SGC). For most of its history, our sisters had a large share in the teaching of the Arab Muslimas and Christian women who attended this school. In 1913, Sister Marina Kramm SMCB became headmistress and was supported by eight of her con-sisters acting as teachers.
Changes in consequence of political transitions
Over the time, the global and local political landscape have changed and induced different curricula: At times of the British Mandate, a stronger focus on the English language was requested. After the division of Jerusalem in the wake of the civil war in 1948, the school was placed in the Israeli-ruled section of the city. In 1950, an offer was taken to change the school to the so-called "House of Paul" (German: Paulus-Haus) at the Damascus Gate. The war in 1967 nearly caused an end to the sisters work. However, even after Israel annexed East Jerusalem in 1980, the sisters still perceived it as their particular duty to enable Palestinian children to attend their school as well.
Name plate of our Girls (pre)school
Kindergarten as preschool
Due to the ongoing political tensions and the decreasing number of novices, we finally separated from an immediate involvement in the Schmidt's Girls College in 1989, but started a kindergarten which acts as its preschool and shall prepare 3 till 6 year old girls for their later coming school life.
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