Kindergarten Deutsches Hospiz
Tolerance by dialogue
Giving signs of hope in a conflict-ridden region
The ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a continous companion for the locals. For children growing up under these circumstances it only seems to be normal that they get in contact with confrontation and violence. As the weakest members of society, they suffer most from the tensions. Thus, we try to present them with a counterweight by teaching how to respect others, how to love, how to reconcile and how to be merciful. To our minds, especially the young people are the hope for change and could dare first steps towards a more thoughtful and understanding society.
Girls playing
Experiencing cultural and religious diversity
Even though our kindergarten is placed in a Jerusalem district that is mainly inhabited by Israeli Jews, most of the children who attend our facility are Palestinians. In addition, most of the kindergartners and educators are Muslimas. In consequence, the little ones already learn at an early age how to cope with different cultural and religious influences and to respect each and every one. Out of respect for our Jewish neighbours and in consideration of the sisters Christian faith, we keep the kindergarten closed on Shabbat and Sunday.
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