Voluntary work
Voluntary service: Live and work in the Holy Land
If you not just want to get a first touristic glance on Jerusalem
but to get deeper involved, why do not become a volunteer in St. Charles?
For many years, we have benefited from volunteers of any age supporting us in everything we do. Over a period of three month you can become a part of our community and work for eight hours at five days a week. Based on that, you will have enough time to follow your on projects, getting to know the area in the way you want. If you are interested in doing a special trip you can connect up to six consecutive off days. Board and lodge is of course free of charge.
As small community we offer 80 beds to group of pilgrims as well as to individuals. A major part of your voluntary work will be room service (cleaning), laundry, wait tables, rinse, and gardening as well as supporting the reception.
Your requirements to become a volunteer:
  •  You are 18 years or older at the beginning of your voluntary service.
  •  Transfer costs (usually by plane), health and other insurances have to be paid for.
  •  We expect reliability as well as the willingness to participate in any work given to you.
  •  You have to be flexible about your duty hours.
  •  Due to the direct contact with our guests, we expect good manners and general appearance
  • If you are interested just apply with the following application form and send it to us with your CV and a covering letter by post.
    German Hospice St. Charles Jerusalem - Lloyd George Street 12, 91080 Jerusalem, Israel - Tel. 00972 2 5637737 - info@german-hospice.de