Templer cemetry in Jerusalem
Our neighbourhood: The German Colony
A quarter with South German heritage
As already the name German Colony (Ivrit: HaMoshava HaGermanit) reveals, our neighbourhood possesses a history of strong German influence. Founded in the late 19th century by swabian members of the Templer Society, it continuously grew up to 400 people in 1920. Due to the Second World War, all society members had to leave in 1948. Nowadays, we maintain the old Templers’ graveyard. If you want to visit, please get in contact with us.
An old sign nearby the old railway station
Popular residential area not far from the Old City
Because most of the old buildings in the German Colony survived over the years, they are now preserved as sites of historic interest. Moreover, there are many public parks - like the Haas promenade - and green spaces nearby. Therefore, the quarter has developed to one of the city's most trendy and worth living districts in the new Jerusalem for the last decades. Along the Emek Refaim street, you can discover many small fashion and jewellery shops as well as lots of bars and restaurants. In consequence, all those who set great store by quiet surroundings and a prestige address try to live in the German Colony. Diplomats, foreign correspondents, and big foundations have settled in the old Templer houses.
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