chapel panorma shot from the back benches
Our monastery chapel
The monastery chapel constitutes the centre of our community life and praying. Every morning, all sisters encounter at that place to attend the Holy Mass. During the day, the convent prays the liturgy of the hours there.
80 years a house of prayer
The sacral place is dedicated to the Regina Angelorum Maria, the queen of angels. The spacious chapel offers place for large pilgrim groups. They can join the high number of faithful, who has prayed in the church for more than 80 years. On January 4th 1934, the construction of the chapel started under the rule of the architect and master builder Hermann Karl Imberger. The building was fully renovated and modernised in the jubilee year 2000. We invite you to stay and pray in our chapel. If you want to attend divine service, you can ask for the exact time of prayer by writing us a mail.
"Sing to the Lord a song"

In addition to the silent and spoken prayers, our worship includes religious music and songs. Sr. M. Valentina accompanies the liturgy with the organ, Sr. M. Emiliana and Sr. M. Feliciana play the German flute.

The songs are mainly in German. However, in accordance with the orginial home of many sisters, Romanian chants are often embedded into the divine service, too. Therefore, we are really happy to present you with a film of the Romanian sister Maria Patrasc that was shot in our monastery garden during her visit to the Holy Land. The video wonderfully combines the religious sounds of South-Eastern European tradition with the special atmosphere of the Orient. The sister sings: "I thank you, o Lord, for all I could receive from you!"

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