Shimon Peres in St. Charles
- 2016/10/02 -
"To House of Charles with high regard for the educational work they are doing - SHIMON PERES".

These words are written as autograph of  Shimon Peres in the guest book of St. Charles in summer 1995. The honorable statesman, politician and bearer of Nobel Peace Price (1994, with Yitzhak Rabin and Yassir Arafat)  died last week (28.09.2016).

Shimon Peres was guest in St. Charles in 1995, where he met with Holocaust survivers from Germany, who lived in Jerusalem. With his visit he built a bridge to the work of the Borromean Sisters of St. Charles, who cared for jewish Holocaust survivors in the German Hospice in the years after World War II.

The former superior, Sr. M. Xaveria Jelitzka, remembers the politician Shimon Peres in great gratitude and honour. She also can tell some anecdote about some encounters with him, inside the German Hospice or outside at some meetings in Jerusalem: When Shimon Peres visited St. Charles in 1995, Sr. Xaveria tried to stop an untidy man entering the house and garden. After a while she recognized that he was the bodyguard of Shimon Peres and both smiled about the first confusion. Sr. Xaveria also remembers some sentences and little jokes of the great statesman spoken to her in german language and Shimon Peres told her at some meetings, that he knows exactly that this sister lives in a very nice place in the "German Colony" in Jerusalem.

The convent of German Hospice St. Charles will always think of Shimon Peres in honorable memory. We wish him and his descendants and successors blessing and peace for Israel.
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