From St. Martin to St. Nicolas
- 2019/12/05 -
The two patron saints of November and December marked our preparations in kindergarten in autumn and winter time.
At first the kids made handmade lanterns for the lantern walk in the dark at the schoolyard of Schmidt School. There our preschool kids met the former "St. Charles kids", who are now in grade 1, 2 o 3 there at the Schmidt´s Girl´s College.

Some weeks later at the beginnung of December we got tow VIP visitors: Saint Nicolas and "Knecht Ruprecht" (our volunteers Paul und Laurenz), who came to visit the children, listen to their songs and to check, if the were good. As they saw and heard the beautiful dancing and singing of our kids on stage, Santa Claus decided to surprise them with delicious presents: So every kid could taste warm applejuice with cinnamon and got a small chocolate-Santa. "Santa, when will you visit us again?"
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