Easter 2019 in Kindergarten St. Charles
- 2019/05/01 -
In the last few weeks our kids were preparing for another highlight during the kindergarten year, for Easter. Not only that we diligently learned Easter and spring songs in Arabic, English and German, not only that we dealt with the Easter Bunny. No, we also learned very basic things for life, namely how to cook eggs, how to dye eggs and how to hunt eggs in the garden – by the way: Do you know who has hidden the eggs in den garden? That´s clear: the Easter bunny, he visited us in St. Charles.

On the last day of school before the Easter holidays our preschool children had invited the children of the first grade of the Schmidt Girl´s College to visit their former kindergarten again. Together we made the handcraft of an Easter bunny cup, sang and played and ended up hunting colorful eggs and sweet chocolate eggs in our garden.

Happy Easter from the kindergarten St. Charles!

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