Let us pilgrim to Betlehem
- 2018/11/26 -

Last week our community spent a merry morning as pilgrims in Nativity Church in Betlehem. Our guests (Bishop Aurel Perca, Bishop Anton Cosa and some priests) from the Romanian diocese of Iasi , home of many sisters, celebrated with us a Holy Mass in the nativity grotto. The hour before we used as time of silence and prayer. Yes, even in the bustle of hundreds of pilgrims around the birthplace of Jesus, we found quiet corners in St. Catherine's Church, in St. Jeronim´s grotto or in the cloister.

After the impressing Holy Mass our schola had the opportunity to sing a carol in the grotto of Christ´s nativity. After the silent prayer and the special Holy Service with the Bishops and priests close to Jesus place of birth, this was a very special event for us and a beautiful completion of the visit to this holy place.

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