In the footsteps of King Herod the Great
- 2018/04/25 -
On a sunny afternoon, our community and one volunteer went to visit the Herodium near Bethlehem. The fortress and palace complex was built for King Herod the Great between 24 and 12 BC on a hill in the middle of the countryside. It offered us a broad view into the region south of Jerusalem. With its ingenious system of caves and cisterns this well constructed fortress had a good protection against enemy attacks. King Herod also ordered to build his tomb there in the style of a huge “Mausoleum”. This tomb has been excavated and reconstructed by archeologists only a few years ago on a slope of the hill and was very impressing for us.

 Visiting this imposing historical site with its proximity to the birthplace of Jesus in Bethlehem revealed the biblical contemporary history for us in a new light. A trip to the Herodium is absolutely worth seeing and worthwhile!

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