90th birthday of Sr. M. Xaveria
- 2017/12/20 -
Now´s a great age to take chances
And do all what you want to do
Your creativity knows no bounds
What you need the Lord gives to you.

Your wisdom is wiser than ever
Your spirit is bolder than bold
Your humor is more humorous
There´s just no time to be old.

Sr. M. Xaveria Jelitzka, our former Superior of St. Charles Convent Jerusalem, celebrated her 90th birthday on 16th of December 2017 together with many beloved Sisters, Fathers, Brothers, relatives, friends and guests from Jerusalem, the Orient, from Europe, USA and from all over the world.  Fr. Jonas Trageser OSB from the Benedictine Monastery in Tabgha, friend of Sr. M. Xaveria for more than 16 years, took Psalm 90,10 in his homily: "Seventy is the sum of our years, or eighty, if we are strong; most of them are sorrow and toll; they pass quickly, we are all but gone". But if we have a look on our birthday child we have to say: she always keeps smiling and refers to the light and sunshine of our Lord, even with 90 years. Congratulations for Sr. M. Xaveria - and gratitude to all friends, relatives and guests who shared this special day with her and sent her messages, phone calls and greeting cards. It was a wonderful celebration.

Special thanks to Br. Simon Petrus Mahall (Dormition Abbey Jerusalem) for his wonderful photos sharing with us.
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