A trip to the sources of faith
- 2017/02/25 -
While temperatures are still pretty low in Jerusalem at this time of the year, there are already a lot of messengers announcing spring in the north of the Holy Land. That is why our voluntary workers accompanied by some sisters of St. Charles went on a day trip to the sources of the river Jordan situated near Banias (Carsarea Philippi) and Dan where they followed the course of the river to Lake Tiberias. In the morning they had a hike through the Banias National Park and could enjoy and admire its wonderful natural surroundings. In the afternoon, the group had a rest at the banks of "the Sea of Galilee" near Tabgha and Cafarnaum where they spent the time relaxing, praying, meditating or singing together. Then they went back along the other side of the lake, admiring the colours of the setting sun and continuing through the Jordan Valley back to Jerusalem.
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