Our kindergarten is open again!
- 2020/05/24 -
There was an absolutely unforeseen compulsory break of nine long weeks in our kindergarten due to the Corona virus that has disarranged the life of the whole world since spring 2020 and that has also forced Israel to close its schools and kindergartens. But by and by life became too boring at home for both the parents and their children even with the best home schooling via video, which was our Easter gift for the kids and their families at home, and with our well-intended ideas for doing handicrafts or filling in work sheets away from school. Children need other children to learn together, to play together, and to gain valuable experiences by being together with the others: how to share, how to lose, how to forgive each other, how to win, how to apologize, how to be even happier together with somebody else rather than being happy on oneself - we had to learn all this once upon a time in our kindergarten.
And that is why not only our teachers and the Sisters of St. Charles were very happy to see the little ones coming back to our house and our garden and to having them together with us again. And we are about to learn a lot of new things now, e.g. how to respect the new security and hygiene regulations. But what is most important of all: finally we can practice the letters of the alphabet and the numbers which we still had to learn. And moreover: we can run, jump around and play together again all the time - that's just wonderful!
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