Natural beauty
- 2019/05/02 -
“Easter eyes” – do you know this kind of eyes and this way of looking in the world?

Looking with EASTER EYES means widening the gaze from the faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, to see and believe the Gospel of the empty grave like Maria Magdalena, like Peter and  John; to recognize Jesus on the way of our life like the disciples realized in Emmaus and at the fireplace near the Sea of Galilee.

When we look into the world and in our surrounding, in our garden and in the city of Jerusalem,  we immediately notice the colorful and joyful flowers that sprout everywhere out of the earth.

 "Grace and beauty enchant the eye, yet more than both the flowers of the field" (Jesus Sirach 40,22).


We wish you all: to look carefully, to perceive the wonderful and to go on transforming with the Gospel that Jesus Christi is arisen.

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