Easter Monday in Emmaus Qubeibe
- 2018/04/11 -
The encounter of the disciples with the risen Christ on the way from Jerusalem to Emmaus is in  the center of the Easter message on Easter Monday. Full of joy and anticipation, the Sisters of St. Charles - as well as many pilgrims - made a visit to the convent of the Borromean Sisters in the Palestinian village of Emmaus-Qubeibe.

Unlike in biblical times, Qubeibe today is no longer directly accessible from Jerusalem, but only through a long detour and via a military checkpoint between Israel and Palestine.

The Borromean Sisters shared a meal together and visited the Franciscan Church for prayer. The whole day was accompanied by song "Lord, stay with us". This biblical text can be found written in many places in today's Emmaus.

In the breaking of the bread
We have known Him; we have been fed.
Jesus the stranger, Jesus the Lord,
Be our companion, be our hope.

(Bob Hurd 1984, revised text Bob Hurd and Michael Downey 1987.)

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