Beautiful trip to Rosh HaNikra
- 2017/08/27 -
After weeks full of work in our guesthouse, we had time for a trip into the nature with our volunteers and some sisters. We had a beautiful day and road trip to the north of Israel, Rosh HaNikra, where we visited amazing grottoes and had a look over the border to Lebanon and to the Mediterranean Sea.
First we went to Mt. Carmel and visited Muhraqa Monastery, where Prophet Elija defended the faith of Jahwe centuries ago against the people who believed in Baal. The highlight of the day were the blue grottoes in Rosh HaNikra, which is really far away in the north, but worth of every long journey. On the way home in the afternoon we took the road near the Mediterranean Sea and stopped in Acre, the old Crucader's city. We enjoyed the time before sunset in Haifa with a view over the Bahai Gardens. For all of us it was a beautiful day with a lot of God's wunderful and astonishing experiences in nature. 
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